LOGLINE: An eclectic group of heroes in a ZOMBIE apocalypse take refuge in an abandoned meat packing plant, only to discover an even more sinister creature exists in its bowels

LOGLINE: In order to free himself of a tortured African past, a smooth-talking con man is forced to crush his city’s transformational hopes of hosting The World Cup. THE BLACK MARIA smashes the gritty, con-within-a-con, of LAYER CAKE together with the wisecracking,

LOGLINE: On a desperate journey to find humanity a new home, a team of astronauts discover that breaching the speed of light comes with unintended consequences and horrifically unspeakable truths. SYNOPSIS: AARON GIBSON (emotionally guarded and apprehensive astrophysicist) is chief architect of the

LOGLINE: Under a full moon, a timid teenage boy discovers his alluring neighbor’s horrifying family secret and must find the courage to survive a lethal game of cat-and-mouse against a lurking werewolf with a twisted human intelligence. THROUGH THE WOODS grounds the