Bad Meat


An eclectic group of heroes in a ZOMBIE apocalypse take refuge in an abandoned meat packing plant, only to discover an even more sinister creature exists in its bowels… A WEREWOLF.


A mysterious yellow fog blankets the populace of the west coast, turning the exposed (upon death) into homicidal ZOMBIES. With each passing day the yellow fog spreads the ravaging legion worldwide.

Two very distinct groups of survivors take shelter in an abandoned meat packing plant, thinking they have found refuge from the zombie horde clambering outside. But they soon discover they are not alone…

A much darker secret is waiting for them in the bowels of the decrepit structure: A WEREWOLF with an intelligence and hunger unmatched by even the most deranged zombie.

Now, the conflicting groups must band together and take on the zombies outside or face the werewolf within.

BAD MEAT is a balls-to-the-wall genre mash-up, throwing iconic zombie and werewolf elements together in a kinetic blend, subverting audience expectations to deliver a new twist on well-loved territory.

It’s WORLD WAR Z and UNDERWORLD meets MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. A frenetic horror-action movie grounded by true emotional weight in a well-defined and terrifying world. Infecting the creature feature with sex, drugs & rock n’ roll.